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 Whether you have a hearing loss or not, ReSound LiNX TS offers a game-changing approach to finding relief.


ReSound ENZO™ brings smart hearing technology to people with severe and profound hearing loss for the first time. In fact, it's the most powerful super power hearing aid available today. With top-rated sound quality, a durable design and more ways to connect to your world, it's a hearing experience like no other.


Until now, people with tinnitus have all too often been turned away with the message “learn to live with it.” Whether you have a hearing loss or not, ReSound Verso TS changes that.

Verso TS

ReSound Alera TS™ combines advanced hearing aid technology with an innovative tinnitus sound generator. It changes tinnitus management, whether you have a hearing loss or not. With ReSound Alera TS™:

    Your attention will be drawn away from your tinnitus
    The disturbing tinnitus noise will be less noticeable
    You’ll get a highly individualized solution

Alera TS

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0% financing available for up to 18 mo. on hearing aids.

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