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Self-Quiz for Dizziness or Balance Problems

• Do you get a feeling of motion, spinning or falling when moving your head quickly or changing your position

  e.g., getting in or out of bed.

• Are you uncomfortable trying to move around in the dark?

• Do you fell off balance when walking down aisles in stores or malls?

• Do your feet sometimes not go where you want them to go?

• Do you ever experience a sense of unsteadiness? A feeling that you are not sure-footer?

• Do you ever experience a fear of falling or stumbling?

• Does looking at moving objects such as escalators or out the side window of a car make you queasy?

• Do you have difficulty keeping your balance as you walk on different surfaces, eg., walking from a tile floor

  onto carpet?

• Do you ever have a feeling that you are drifting or being pulled to one side when you are walking ?

• Do you feel like others do not understand your symptoms of unbalance or dizziness?

“If you answered yes to any of these, you may want to contact our office.”