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People with untreated hearing loss (people with hearing loss who do not wear hearing aids) can experience a decreased quality of life.

· Sadness · Depression · Anxiety · Paranoia · Poor Social Relationships ·

Audiologists perform a hearing evaluation to determine the type and severity of the hearing problem. There are three parts to a hearing evaluation:

√ Review of your medical and hearing history.

√ Visual examination of the eardrums and ear canals.

√ Testing the hearing.

The Hearing Evaluation

You can protect your hearing and enjoy the things you do every day!

√ If the noise is too loud, you don’t have to be near it, avoid it walk away.

√ Moving back 10 to 15 feet from the noise can reduce the intensity that is going into your ears.

√ Avoiding loud sounds can be a highly effective approach for protecting your hearing.

√ Be aware of how long you have been in a noisy environment, exposure time also plays a role in NIHL.

√ TVs, car stereos, and MP3 players are often culprits of dangerously high noises.

√ Most volume controls do not have a safety point for when the (dB) level is too high.

√ Turning down the volume will reduce prolonged exposure to harmful decibels.

√ Keep the volume at 50%.

√ When listening to anything with ear buds or ear phones: if someone next to you can hear what you are hearing,

the volume is probably too loud.

√ If you know you are going to be around noise over 85 dB, the best solution is to wear ear protection.

√ Generic earplugs – Must be pushed far in the ear for the best seal.

√ Custom earplugs (made to fit your ear)

√ See your audiologist for these, similar to what musicians and pilots wear.

1641Earmuffs- must cover the full ear.


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0% financing available for up to 18 mo. on hearing aids.

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